Broadcast Credits

Freelance On-line Editor

I format and legalise (colour grade and sound mix) programmes for transmission.



Good Food Programming

Prospect Pictures/Sky

10 x 5mins

Off-line & On-line
VT Inserts

All das Licht und Bunkel

The last days of My Father. chronicles the life of Als Poss, a writer of Prose and Fiction.


Director: Sara Poss

Koffi Olomide

Described as the Julius Iglesias of Africa with his deep baritone voice, blending old school Rhumba and smooth keyboard melodies. He is now firmly entrnched as one the most popular performers ever in Africa.

ACTV/Sky – 30mins

Off-line & On-line
Performance and press conference
Director: Rose McDonald
Producer: Rose McDonald

Interview with Maya Angelou

Dr Maya Angelou is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature. Within the rhythm of her poetry and elegance of her prose lies Angelou’s unique power to help readers of every orientation span the lines of race.

ACTV/Sky – 30mins

Off-line & On-line
Director: Paige de Leon
Producer: Paige de Leon


The days of miracle and wonder
Third World Bunfight
Written and directed by Brett Bailey
Barbican Theatre

iMUMBO JUMBO dramtizes the true quest of Chief Nicholas Tilana Gcaleca to Britain to reptrieve the skull of his ancestor, King Hintsa KaPhalo, killed by a colonial posse in 1838.

ACTV/Sky – 30mins

Off-line & On-line
Play Review
Director: Josephine Learmond-Criqui
Producer: Rose McDonald

‘Jonnie Dollar’ – Interview with Carl Bradshaw

Carl Bradshaw talks about his experiences as an actor and new role in the theatrical production ‘Jonnie Dollar’. Bradshaw cut his teeth in films like ‘The Harder They Come’, ‘Smile Orange’ and ‘Third World Cop’.

ACTV/Sky – 30mins

Off-line & On-line
Play Review
Director: Vernon King
Producer: Vernon King

Lloyd Brown – Against the Grain

A portrayal of Lloyd Brown’s life story as a reggae/lover’s rock artist.

ACTV/Sky – 30mins

Off-line & On-line
Music Programme
Director: Natalie Gardener
Producer: Errol Garner

Rose Revealed

The Week Begins and The Final

The annual event is the biggest in Ireland, every year, where 25 young women from all over the world compete to become the Rose of Tralee, culminating in a week of parties and intense, esoteric competition in a small Irish country town.

Stampede/RTE 1 – 2 x 24m series

Additional Off-line Editor
Light Entertainment
Director: Tricia Emery
Mike Chamberlain

Formatting Programmes

Herbals Biobas and New U

Channel Health/Sky

Off-line & On-line
News piece

Tell It To Me Straight

Presented by Mel Geidroyc and with undercover camera recording, this series looks at how friends really see each other.

Topical Television/Ch4

4 x 24m series

Reality Format
Series Director: Alex Rudzinski
Series Producer: Jane Harbord

Identity – Turkish Cypriots

The question of identity and culture seen through the eyes of five – second generation Turkish Cypriots, living in London.

Metto Productions/BRT 2 Cyprus – 20m

Off-line & On-line
Screened at Edinburgh, Istanbul Film Festival and London Turkish Film Festival (won Best Documentary)
Director: Erim Metto

Master Class Series –

Architecture with Sir Denys Lasdun

Periodically reviled for the theatre and the tower blocks, he later turned against the use of concrete for mass housing. ‘Big housing blocks in parallel slabs are anti-life’, he declared.

BBC Knowledge/BBC 2 – 50m

Factual Music and Arts
Director: Judith Nichol

Travel Writing

Car Classics

BBC Knowledge – 3 x 10m

Director: Sebastian Lewis


Travel programme explores the delights of Tunisia.

Travel Channel/Sky – 30m

Magazine Programme
Director: Gary Simpson


Travel Channel/Sky – 30m


Little Distractions

Looks at child disruptive behaviour through the observation of a family and with the help of a specialised GP.

Medical Channel/Sky – 25m

Off-line & On-line
Observational documentary
Director: Richard May-Hugh Smith

Dancing On Broken Glass

The rights of refugees in being able to access healthcare. An observation of three refugees, one of whom approaches the Medical Foundation from suffering war injuries.

Medical Channel/Sky – 25m

Off-line & On-line
Observational documentary
Director: Kati Wittaker

Magazine Features

Bullseye Productions/RTE – 5 x 4m

Off-line & On-line

Earth and Space, Sport, News, Arts and Entertainment

TWI/Now Television

Off-line & On-line
Magazine Features